Vision and Goals

Fidel – Leading Our Way!

After more than 20 years of impact, involvement and learning, we know now more than ever that true social change is the result of a sustained effort that unites and enriches all members of the community – children, parents and the rich heritage of Ethiopian Jewry.

The Fidel Association provides a platform of services addressing the needs of the Ethiopian-Israeli community utilizing formal and informal education as the basis for initiating change. Fidel’s services focus on educational and social development and often include collaboration with complementary initiatives and organizations including local municipalities.


Providing Opportunity: Delivering educational and social enrichment that instills the confidence and ambition necessary to succeed.

Cultivating Leadership: Developing leadership from within the community and shaping infrastructure in order to facilitate long-term change.

Encouraging Activism:  Helping parents find their voice by providing skills and knowledge to express needs and be more active in their children’s education

Raising Awareness:  Familiarizing the public with the Ethiopian-Israeli community’s values and traditions

Instilling Pride: Nurturing a sense of pride in the Beta Israel community’s unique identity and heritage among its youth.

Every day, the dedicated staff and large cadre of volunteers serve the Ethiopian-Israeli community with devotion and genuine care instilling motivation to learn, to advance, to volunteer and to act as agents of change in their communities.

Our goal is to continue efforts towards  promoting new and existing successful initiatives that will lead to a change in the sociopolitical and economic status of Ethiopian Israelis in Israeli society, including prosperity and equality for all of Israel’s citizens.


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