The Fidel Association has over 20 years of amassed expertise in advancing the integration of Ethiopian Israelis and familiarizing the public with Ethiopian Jewish (Beta Israel) heritage and culture.

Through the use of media and cooperation with schools, the Defense Ministry, Corporations and other academic institutions, Fidel creates awareness, identification and understanding of the strengths and needs of the community.

Executive Director Michal Avera Samuel is a prominent social activist and community leader often approached for her opinion about issues affecting the Ethiopian community and Israeli society. Other members of senior staff also offer lectures to the Israeli public and are interviewed on a variety of media outlets.

Each year, Fidel erects and staffs a large outreach tent at the official Sigd Festival celebration at the Promenade in Jerusalem. Thousands of Israelis (Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian) have visited over the years and gained new insights into the special story of Ethiopian Jewry throughout the millennia and knowledge about the unique Sigd holiday.

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