Parents Empowerment

“The family is the anchor of the children and youth”

With this knowledge we set off when we set up Fidel’s parent workshop program. The program is designed to provide parents with tools and skills to increase their involvement in their children’s education, while strengthening parental leadership and inter-generational relations.

This unique program complements the framework for young people who recognize their qualities, believe in themselves and aim high – all with real support, understanding, encouragement and full support at home as well. Parents do not stay behind, and are able to take a significant part in the success of their children, through effective involvement in the school and as a model of inspiration at home.

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The parents’ workshops operate in a format of 6 sessions, which enable parents to actively learn, resolve  dilemmas, reduce anxiety, increase parental sense of ability and to take responsibility for the entire family’s conduct and lead it to success.

Fidel’s program offers tailored and accurate content for two different audiences: parents who are new immigrants and who need guidance in their language within the framework of a homogeneous group that understands and includes them, as well as Hebrew speaking second generation Ethiopian Israelis, who want to draw strength and tools from their own culture of origin.

We are happy to be the influential, mediator, and significant factor for parents and families. Working with them reminds us every day that with the right direction and guidance, “The sky is the limit.”

Parents Empowerment Goals

  • Encouraging cooperation between parents, school staff, students and the Ethiopian community in order to improve the scholastic achievements of the Ethiopian-Israeli students in the education system.
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