The arrival of the Ethiopian community in Israel is an important milestone in Israel’s history but the journey towards full integration into Israeli society is an ongoing challenge. The FIDEL Association has been meeting the challenge since its inception in 1997.

Originating from the Amharic word for ‘alphabet’ (ፊደል), Fidel’s vision is of a socially and economically integrated Ethiopian community, proud of its unique identity, sharing strengths with Israeli society and partaking in its leadership.

Fidel was established by native and Ethiopian-Israelis in order to assist the integration of Ethiopian Israelis into Israeli society through high-impact initiatives that educate, empower, and nurture leadership.

Fidel’s familiarity with the community allows the organization to operate from within and create lasting infrastructure. Programs are offered throughout the country and impact over 8,000 children, teens and parents each year, providing vital skills, knowledge and confidence for future integration and success.  

Fidel’s Programs

Accompanying Ethiopian Israelis from morning to night:

School & Social Mediators – Professionals who liaise with parents, children and teachers ad as advocates in the schools to overcome obstacles and facilitate scholastic achievement and social integration.

Youth Centers – Serve as a second home to teens where caring staff provide emotional and social support while serving as role models. Youth Centers offer effective educational and social enrichment both after school and during vacations.

HTML (High Tech Mentoring & Leadership) Program – Matching motivated teens with mentors within leading Israeli companies, encouraging career aspirations, and cultivating the future leaders of the Ethiopian community and Israeli society.

Parental Groups –  Effective seminars provide adults with the skills, savvy and awareness to be more involved in their children’s education as well as becoming more active in advocating for their community.

Health Awareness – Providing the community with guidance regarding health and welfare issues affecting all ages of the community.

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